Argentine Tango Radio

Add the Argentine Tango Radio player to your own website!

Do you want your visitors to be able to listen (legally!) to Argentine tango while browsing your blog or website?

You may then want to add a button for Argentine Tango Radio, a licensed internet radio station that plays danceable Argentine tango music from the Golden Age and on. This is how it looks like:

Below we explain the simple steps you need to follow to add this Argentine Tango Radio player button for your

  • (1) website if you have access to its HTML code,
  • (2) Blogger/Blogspot, Wix etc. blog,
  • (3) hosted site that uses the engine, or
  • (4) Facebook page.

Case 1: Website: you have direct access to your HTML code

This is the simplest case. You only need to open up with an editor the HTML page where you want the radio button to show up, and add the following code to the appropriate place:

Here is an example:

Illustration: add single line to HTML code.

Case 2: Blogspot/Blogger, Wix, or similar blogs

For most blogs (but not for Wordpress, see below) you can also add the play button by inserting the same one-line code

in the appropriate place.

1. Blogger/Blogspot: Here is a quick explanation of how you can do this if you are using Google's Blogger/Blogspot. Other blog engines should work similarly.

First, log in to, choose your blog, then from the right menu select “Layout”, and then select “Add a Gadget” for the part of your blog where you want the button to appear (say, for the sidebar field).

Illustration (Blogger): Add a Gadget.

Now choose the “HTML/JavaScript” Gadget, copy the code above to the Content field, and save.

Illustration (Blogger): Add a Gadget.

Voila, the radio button appears in the sidebar of your Blogger blog!

2. Wix: Super simple. In the Wix website editor, choose Add, then choose More, then choose HTML code. Press Enter Code, and paste the one-line code above into the appearing textbox. Press Update, resize the widget and place it to the desired place.

Case 3: based, hosted websites

With Wordpress things are a bit more complicated since they don't allow <iframe> tags to be embedded in their sites.

If you have a blog - your blog address is something like - I have bad news: I know no methods to install a radio widget on your blog. However if someone comes up with a customizable widget in the future you will only need to input the streaming link

to listen to Argentine Tango Radio through it. Please let me know if you found a solution.

However if you host your own website using the engine then we have you covered. The following method will work for most Wordpress templates.

Step 1. Save the Argentine Tango Radio Wordpress plugin to your Desktop:

Step 2. Log in to your Wordpress admin page, go to your Dashboard, from the side menu select Plugins (if you don't see a "Plugins" side menu on your Dashboard that means you have a blog and not an own website that uses the engine - see comments above), then select Add New, then select Upload Plugin. On the upcoming page press "Choose file" and select and upload the file that you downloaded in Step 1. Press "Install Now". After you see a "Plugin installed successfully" message on the upcoming page, click on "Activate Plugin".

You should now see a new line appearing in the side menu of your Dashboard, titled "Argentine Tango Radio Player 1":

Illustration (Wordpress): Argentine Tango Radio Player plugin

When you select the "Argentine Tango Radio Player 1" plugin, you should see something like what this screenshot shows. This page displays your so-called "shortcode" that you can simply insert into one of your posts or page to display the play button there. In what follows I assume that your shortcode is [argentinetangoradio1] (this is very likely), but please double-check as the shortcode may differ for your Wordpress installation.

If you want a permanent radio button in your sidebar, we are not yet done.

Step 3. Go to the Appearance side menu in your Dashboard and select the Editor submenu. On the right hand side you should see a column titled "Templates"; if you scroll down you can find the template titled Theme Functions (functions.php). Click on it, and in the middle of the page scroll down to the bottom of the appearing code. Copy-paste the following line to the end of the code:

Your page should now look something like this:

Illustration (Wordpress): Adding filter to Theme functions

Press "Update File".

Step 4. Select the Appearance side menu and click on Customize. In the upcoming editor page select "Widgets" from the side menu, select the place where you want to put the tango radio button (say, the Right Sidebar), and press "Add a Widget". Among the appearing list of widgets choose "Text". Add your shortcode for the Argentine Tango Radio Player plugin (see Step 2 for details, your shortcode is most likely [argentinetangoradio1] ) to the "Content" field of the Text widget, and Close the widget.

Illustration (Wordpress): Adding filter to Theme functions

If you followed these steps, the Argentine Tango Radio widget should appear in the desired place. Enjoy!

(Some Wordpress templates, such as Twenty Sixteen, unfortunately does not support this method, but most others that I tried do.)

Case 4: Facebook page

If you have a Facebook page you can add applications/plugins to its sidebar. The Facebook fan page of Argentine Tango Radio uses the Radiojar plugin to play the radio; you can install this plugin too! Here is how in three easy steps.

Step 1. Install the Radiojar plugin to your Facebook page: (click on "Get it for your radio station", then click on Add Page Tab).

Step 2. The plugin should now appear in the sidebar of your Facebook page. If you click on it, in the mid-bottom of the loading page you should see the label "Administration panel". Click on it to edit the settings.

Fill out the administration panel info with the following data (these are specific to Argentine Tango Radio, not to your Facebook page - your visitors won't see most of them):

  • Contact email:
  • Type of station: Web only radio station
  • Category: Music
  • Location: Hungary
  • Radio Title: Argentine Tango Radio
  • Site Url:
  • Facebook Page Url:
  • Twitter Id: tango_radio
  • Twitter hash: ArgentineTangoRadio
  • Stream Url:
  • Logo: Please save to your desktop and upload the logo of Argentine Tango Radio: tangoradiocover512x512.png

Your page should now look something like this:

Illustration (Facebook): RadioJar setup page
Save changes.

Step 3. Finally, change the ugly Radiojar icon in the sidebar with the play button for Argentine Tango Radio. First download the Argentine Tango Radio facebook button image: icon_argentinetangoradio_facebook_button.png. Then click on your Facebook page's "Settings", choose "Apps" from the side menu, choose "Edit Settings" of Radiojar-plugins, then click on "Change" for the "Custom tab image". In the new window click on the ugly Radiojar icon, which brings up the Upload Page Tab Image dialog. With "Choose file" upload the Argentine Tango Radio icon that you previously downloaded. Also, under "Edit Settings" of Radiojar-plugins you may want to rename "Custom Tab name" to something like "Radio player". That's it!

Enjoy listening to Argentine Tango Radio!

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